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System Announcements

  • Old Course Removal (Thursday, April 3, 2014)
    We will be removing courses from this Blackboard 2012 system to conserve space and make room for storage for our new Blackboard  system.

    We have deleted all Blackboard 2012 courses from  2009.
      The next deletion for Winter and Spring 2010 is scheduled for April 2014.

    You can export the course content for all old courses on this system and import it to the new Blackboard 2013
        See Migrate Course Content To New Bb.pdf

    Export individual tests. Imported them to the current Blackboard system.
      See Exporting_and_Importing_Test_Survey.htm


    Download and save Grade Center information as Tab Delimited files.
        See Download and Print Grade Center Files

    Download and save individual files to keep as backups.

  • This is CSUStan Blackboard2012 System (Thursday, April 3, 2014)
    Enter this old Blackboard system for courses through Fall 2012 by entering your UserID and Password on this entry page.
         Use the new  Blackboard system for all current courses.
    Courses will remain on Bb2012 for 3 years, until 2015 or until deletion.
        We delete courses after their third anniversary.
    Faculty can migrate content from this Bb2012 system to the new Bb2013 as described in this document.